Monthly Archives: September 2012

Summer time and the living is easy

The summer has been easy so far. Riding my bike, cooking for my euro friends, always looking for working wifi…  good friends have softened my aloneness. A short visits from my brothers and sisters…. I planned another world to Japan in October.

Zachary and his mate John brought Abigail here for a couple of days and that was so fantastic… Abigail made many new friends and kept me running continually.

My family gives me great pleasure and also the most deepest hurt one can have.  I know that I was a very steady father under very difficult conditions.


My friends Maureen and John have been great to have, they both helped me obtain a new summer home. I bought a 2007 Coachmen trailer and got it moved to where my old trailer use to be.


Next year I will set up the awesome deck and screen house and have another easy summer on Cape Cod.