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Cape Cod Summer End

Early September and most of the student workers have left for home and tours of other parts of the USA.  A little sadness to say goodbye to my new friends which I drove around this summer and made plenty of meals for. The hit of this summer was Graham Cracker Pudding “cakes”. I made more than 10 of them and the kids always came around to get some.


Pudding cake

This summer had very nice weather. A good mix of cold, heat, rain and dry periods. I kept busy and had plenty of alone time. This was my 14th summer here at Maurices and my new home was very comfortable to live in. I had some nice overnight visits from my family and friends.

When I got back to the USA in May I was tired from my third time around the world. I really had doubts about doing it again. I was reluctant to order another world trip. One day I was watching the Travel Channel and they were showing Burma… that is alll it took. I am going on another trip Nov. 1. Very similar to last year’s.


Summer Euro workers

So a easy summer here on the Cape. One last thing ….this is my forth summer with my Romanian friend Chip. He has been a good friend to me and I value his friendship very much.

image good friend