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Winter 2017-2018

A long easy winter… We had our driveway plowed once and our wood supply held up pretty good. Looking forward to the Spring and moving around outside. Rik came back and is living in the very cold porch. Jordan is taking care of the transportation needs of the family. We need a bigger car to move the girls around. The little ECHO Toyota is going on 200,000 miles and only has 2 doors.

Yesterday we had a sad day remembering my wife Donna. She had her 60th birthday but missed it. Going on 4 years since she took off to GOD KNOWS WHERE. Zachary and Rik visited Donna’s grave and left some flowers. I know Donna would be very proud of her sons and grandkids. They are all enjoying life and doing positive things.

Abby continues to take horseback lessons at the Van Etten Farm. She Uncle Zachary bought her some riding pants, riding boats and a nice helmut. She is getting to be a very good horse woman. Alissa turns 8 this summer and she wants to learn how to ride horses too. Abby is getting to be a little techno wiz. She is using her art talent to make some nice youtube videos. Here are some of her latest sketches..

And here is Ronan. He somes over on Sundays and plays with his cousins.

Ronan is the same age as Alissa, his eyes are not that red

Jeff Ingleston, one of Jordan’s childhood friends has been doing some work around my house. He put blinds up in each window, and we have plenty of windows. He has painted and fixed things. Abby just did a sketch of Jeff and here it is..

Alissa is attached to her Apple Tablet. She has done well in 2nd grade. I think the tablet really helped her learn to read. I wanted to get someting captured to keep my blog going. My travel blog is here and sometime I need to keep it separated from the family stuff.

Just got a Samsung chrome book which is also a tablet. I think I am losing it to the girls. We all use it. Now I have to figure out how to publish this.

Most of my computer time is spent on TWITTER. I am mad at FACEBOOK and drastically curtailed its use.


Knox, NY

Feb 20, 2018