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Cape Cod June 2014

Well…..after several days waiting for my car to be fixed/inspected I got out to Wellfleet,  Mass. and I opened up my trailer without too many problems.  The little creatures were busy in my place during the winter.


My summer home

Two Serbs helped me set up the porch screen house and I was in business.  I cooked for my Serbian friends almost every night for the first month. The BBQ still works great after 23 years of use. I really love my trailer,  my porch and my front yard. TV sucks this year. 60 channels of nothing, almost all commercial plastered nonsense.

Nemanja, my friend from Zlatibor, Serbia has given some nice clams. Chip, my Romanian friend brings me fish and scallops.  This year we have 4 Serbs, a Northern Irish couple, a Scottish lady and my friend Indy who is from London.  His family came from the Punjab, India. He has become a good friend.



I have gone to Hyannis 5 times so far. I bring the new students down to get their Social Security cards. I usually stop off at Dairy Queen so they can buy $5.00 lunches.

I am trying to relax but I usually keep busy cleaning, cooking and playing with my computers. I did get some more patoule oil and insense. I miss Asia and try to keep some sense of it here. My food is amazing. I have plenty of time to cook it right.


Miss the girls.

Still have 3.5 months left to go in Cape Cod. Would like to slow it down some so I can really enjoy it.