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A month in Europe

I flew back to the USA from Germany. My 6 1/2 month trip is over. Now time to relax and think about my trip and future plans.After a few doctor appointments I will head back to Cape Cod and stay in my caravan by the sea.

I was cold in Europe and had to drink wine to keep warm ;-)))… I enjoyed seeing the little Russian/Serbian baby in Belgrade. I took a walking tour of Belgrade.

I then went to Budapest which is a fantastic place. They have a Parliament Building which looks like Westminster. Plenty of good food there called Langos. Wine was cheap. ..I had to stay warm. I saw a Mozart opera in Budapest, the Marriage of Figaro. My next city was Vienna in Austria.  I stayed outside of the city up on a hill. The hostel is located in a place that housed the Vienna’s Boys Choir. The hostel was a little too clean and organized for my taste. The city has many beautiful palaces and I walked long distances and now I can say I have been to Vienna.

Then I went to Prague, Czech Republic and that is a beautiful place. I took another walking tour. Everybody goes to the old square to see the clock turn on the hour. .it does a little show for the tourists.  A great place for pickpockets as they all look up at the clock.

I ended up my visit to Prague seeing Madame  Butterfly…the opening line is ‘Yanks love to travel and enjoy their lives’……I know that is true. Then two nights in Frankfort and I am here in Albany, New York. Did not mean to go on like this but what a time I had.

Glad to be back home.


Prague Underground

Prague Antipation

Lets face it, my fourth trip around the world is about to end. I am relieved that I can get back to my home and start to lead a normal life…cooking,  cleaning, playing my guitar and riding my bike.

I will miss seeing new things and learning about new cultures. My week here in the Czech Republic is turning out to a good choice to wind up this year’s trip. Plenty of smart ladies from different countries to talk to and off-beat characters to hang with. I walked around with a nice guy from Finland. Pasy. He has read many of the same books as I have. I keep meeting smart people on the road, not too many dull people go from country to country.

We went to the Prague Zoo and enjoyed it. Saw some new animals, like this guy.



So I will go around town today…there are 2 events; a VW sponsored marathon and a million man weed march with plenty of street music. So goodbye Prague, nice to meet you and now I know something about you and your people.


Pasy from Finland

The big tourist thing to do here is walk across the Charles Bridge, this is one old structure, going back to the 14th century.

Charles Bridge in Prague

The subway system here is simple. It only has 3 lines, is modern, clean and cheap. Seniors can ride for $.60.

Vienna waits for you

Listened to Billy Joel’s song with that title. Turned out to be a great week in this beautiful City. I started out thinking the Palace Hostel located outside of the city up on a hill was a big mistake. Turned out to be a great place to stay to really enjoy Vienna.

You can see the whole city from the hostel. Each day I take a bus down the hill to the subway station and go visit the tourist sites. When I get to Outaking subway station I usually got a slice of Pizza and a glass of white wine. A Kurd family runs the place. My last time there I was surprised when Mama gave me my pizza on a nice plate.

Traveling is full of these little surprises. I left Vienna with some new friends…like Kyle from Alberta, Canada. He got me to walk long ways and play miniature golf at the Palace Hostel.


Kyle beating me..

I took a train to Prague, Czech Republic. This is much more compact then Vienna and funkier.

My hostel is near the Charles Bridge. I am walking again and trying to take it easy. I did find the Opera House and got to see Pucini’s Madame Butterfly. It was so excellent. The story is set in Nagasaki and I got to see the area where the story took place. The orchestra was Amazing!!!!



I bought a bus ticket to Frankfort and will spend 2 nights there before I fly home.

Will write more about my time in Prague next time.
Happy my trip is ending.

Vienna time

Really felt bad about my hostel out of the city…but I got my Existentialism going and started to make the best of it. This place is so sterile compared to Asia, Serbia and Hungary.

And so damn clean. I finally got my clothes washed at the hostel. Not making many friends here but I have wifi and a sim card. I use my phone to get around Vienna.


Rip Van Winkel

I ran into this guy in the intercity next to St. Ruprech Church. He looks like he is enjoying life.

I visited the Parliament which resembles our Capitol without the dome.

I walked down to the Danube canal and sat in the sun with a glass of white wine…just about the most relaxed I have been in a long time. This is a big city and most stores close by 7 pm. My German is not so good but danke and bitte works for me. I am hoping to make some friends at the hostel…we shall see. Going to see Prague next Tuesday. Will have to figure out bus or train… I booked a hostel there and everyone tells me that the place is fantastic. Things are expensive here but I am staying in my budget.

A young Canadian is in my room and we took a long walk down the hill and through the city to St. Stephen Church. This is the epicenter of Vienna tourism. The walk was over 5 miles each way. We came across many churches, the Emperor’s residence and many small parks. This place is so damn clean….so different than my travels in Asia.


View from Palace Hostel

We went in most of the churches. Most were ancient and dark. I found my old home in one of the churches. …


Geodesic Dome