Monthly Archives: June 2013

Summer in Cape Cod

My last month in Europe was/is still a blur…8 countries in 30 days. Looking back at it now I think I could not have done it any better. April 15 to May 15 I got to visit …Turkey..Serbia..Bosnia..Croatia. .Slovenia. .Italy..France.. then back to the USA

My younger son Zachary gave me a great return party at his new house. My brother-in-law helped me do my taxes, Zachary’s partner, John sold me his little Toyota Echo car and I was off to my place in Cape Cod.

Feels great to be back home. I had no problems opening my trailer up and I am spending this month to recover from my third trip around the world.

So I hope to enjoy my 14th summer here in Wellfleet. I have a world map on my wall and I am trying to decide where to go in October.