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Mom’s picture collection

This is a photo collection put together by Mary Simpson in the early 1990s…
working on the pixs

Robert Simpson, USCG, Donna Mulligan and Mary Mulligan
August 1944
Cardinal Ave Albany, NY
Nana MulliganMom’s mom, our Nana
Mary Emmott Mulligan       mom donna pop                                                                               Mary Mulligan, Donna Mulligan and Robert Simpson
simpson children
Jack Robert Joanne Jeannie and Billy in front
July 1961
simpson kids
Jeannie, Joanne, Bill
Robert and Jack Simpson
otooles and simpsons cape cod
The O’Tools and Simpsons at JFK Memorial on Cape Cod
george and edith Simpson
George and Edith Simpson Dad’s parents

Manchester Conn.
August 1972

first group of grandkids
Richard, Jordan and Zachary Simpson
Christine Cedilotte
November 24, 1984
Albany, New York
John W. Mulligan
Irene, Mary and Donna with Big John
John W. Mulligan
April 13, 1985
Mary and Robert Simpson
married 40 years
June 1985
Gene and Dad
War buddies
humpty and dumpty
Robert John Simpson Sr.
and friends

created by Robert John Simpson Jr.
April 2004

Back to Basics

I have too many things. Really trying to get unnecessary stuff out of my life. Too much furniture, too many clothes, too much food, too much trash just sitting waiting to go to the dump, and too many TV sets, cables and computers.

Here are some pics I took off the walls and just wanted to save these memories.

Donna and her Tweety shirt which she loved to wear.

Alissa and a duckling

Alissa pic taken by Larry in Cape Cod

Another Larry picture…he is a great photo artist

9 year old Abby

Abby knows she is beautiful.