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Sept 30, 2010… my day to leave

figured out that I was sick right after I got the flu shot at walmarts… took a couple of  Zpak antibiotics yesterday and I immediately felt better… so I said good bye to rik, nancy and Ronan Skout Simpson last nite, left my car at Riks… gave a nice hug to my little grand daughter Alissa and now off to get Abigail from Nursery school and meet my brothers at Jeannies and off to Newark….

Wish I felt better, but I am sure I will be okay..

bona fortuna to me and the people I know and love

lunch with Rik

i drove down to the community cares office in Latham to pick up Rik.  We went to a nice place called Shalimar Gardens and had a pakistani lunch…very nice and cheap….  over to pick up my mail at Jeannie’s and sit with my computer for awhile…. tonite, I need to look again at what I am taking with me and try to reduce the weight of my luggage….  still very excited, although this is the second time I have gone to  Brasil this year.  Had a nice talk with my friend Jim Young about our travel plans and about Cuzco and Machu Pichu

Happy Pizza last nite

well it rained and a bla bla bla monday nite…I had my 3rd day of change of season head cold… we got together at a very noisy room next to the bar… Jordan and mindy and alissa were not able to join us, Bill and Zachary had to work… Joanne and Jack Simpson brought 2 bags with beautiful kids clothes.  Ronan was the star of the evening and I am sure he is gonna look great in the macho clothes they bought him.  Alissa got a beautiful little baby sleeping pouch… she got to wear it today.   So… a lunch today with Zach, a lunch tomorrow with Rik and then THURSDAY off to Rio.  Visit tonite with Danya and Rich and 3 of their kids…. a full house tonite

Life is good and my cold is going away.  Abigail, Ronan and Alissa have made my life an excellent one.

damn this is hard to use

Many people have told me to blog my trip… the last couple of trips I tried and failed…. I did post pixs up as I went along and that seemed to work pretty good…this time I will really try to write and post as I get along…wish me luck..rjs