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Home Again…Hello I must be going!!

I started out early from my hostel room in Barcelona.  It was dark and I got out with my stuff.  Had a little difficulty in finding the train at the large station and almost got almost on the wrong train but jumped off at the last minute.  Easy ride to Geneva and the plane went over the French Coast and right next to Mt. Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe.  Transferred to a large airbus and then and easy ride to JFK.  I have not been to that airport for 17 years.  It was the worst airport I have seen in all my travels.  the luggage conveyor was old and did not work… The normal special questioning by Home Land Security and then I had to walk out in the rain to another hangar.  The old Pan Am building… and it was disgustingly old, dirty and run down.  Of all the airports I have seen, and many in poor countries… JFK was the worst.

Got on a small jet and had a fun ride up to Albany next to a GE engineer who lives in Florence.  The clouds were very weird and it was a nice ride over Albany and a smooth landing… over 40 jet trips over the past 2 years and now it was over…for awhile.

Rik came up to me and I was overcome when I hugged him.  Off to my sister Jean, picked up my mail and presents I sent from Viet Nam and Thailand.  I got to see Ronan who is a beauty and Abby and Alissa who are a handful for Jordan.

Plenty of broken things in the house but I do not care anymore.  First thing did was to start packing for Cape Cod next week.

I woke up this morning and thought.. what country am I in?  USA…….. for just a little bit and then off someplace in October.


Spain again


I was in a wine tapas cafe in Cavaques and Rudy, the bartender from Belgium, told me that I should visit Ginova because it is beautiful.  So after a 4 day visit to rainy France I took the train to Ginova, north of Barcelona.

The only thing I knew about this town is that it has old buildings and Lance Armstrong lives there.

So..I picked a great place to end my long trip. This town has a river running through it and the bridges remind me of Florence. There is a very old part with an ancient wall around it. I was there for a flower festival and there were bus loads of old people walking the city. I visited the cathedral which is over 1200 years old.

We had some wine parties on the roof of the hostel and I made friends with 2 great Serbs, a guy from Brasil, 2 brothers from Poland and plenty of nice people from Spain and other countries.

Had an expensive tourist lunch at an Indian cafe.. I wonder how many Taj Mahal places I have eaten at??

So back to Barcelona and getting ready for my trip home Friday.




Since last Oct. I have been saying “je veau allez en France”.. Well I am tired and I just want to go home… But I set out to end up in France and here I am in Toulouse, France.  French was my hardest subject in school and it shows.. Now I speak with some Frence, some Spanish and some Portuguese.. Oh and some Italiano too.

I took a bus from Cadaques, Spain.. I could have stayed there forever.  Love those places near the sea.

I was really tempted to just stay there in my room with a balcony with a view of the Med. So France is very okay.. Different than Italy and Spain. There are so many cafes and places to eat here!!!
The wine is great and this university town really is alive. One little problem…everybody is smoking. I heard they just got those wicked cancer pixs on their cig packs.

I was surprised at the number of muslims and blacks that live here. They are doing well with the diversity thing. They have a canal here and I walked along most of it. It is filthy!!!! Not Asian filthy but I am sure they will get around to cleaning it up.

Things are expensive here (except the wine). I wish I had time to go out into the countryside here. Would be great to visit the small towns here like I did in Italy (thanks to my best friend in Italy…DEAN.

Tomorrow I take the train to Ginova, the home of Lance Armstrong.. I am hoping it will be a nice old place to visit before I get back to Barcelona for my flights back home on May 20,

Spain Another long day of travel. I started off in Florence, got a train to Rome, got my luggage from the hostel and took a train to the airport. We had a 2 hour delay (my first delay during my trip). An easy ride next to a drunk English guy and now I arrived in the cleanest most shinny airport terminal I have ever seen. Easy metro ride to hostel and a couple of days seeing some of the massive city of Barcelona. First day I went with Joy, a guy from Calcutta, and we went around in the tacky double decker tourist bus. We took a trolley and then up the funicular to the don bosco church and old amusement park. Sunday was amazing..warm and sunny.. Joy and 2 smart ladies went with me to Gaudis Park.. Had a great day filled with great art and music. At nite I went with them to a music event which was a very bizarre event. About 500 young people who were drinking and eating in an abandoned building. Reminded me of Hair and my hippy days. Took a train to Figueres and enjoyed the Dali museum very much. Then a bus to Cadaques on the Med. This is the beautiful sea coast city where Salvadore Dali and Pablo Piccaso lived. Not sure what is next…