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Northern Thailand


After enjoying Chaing Mai,  a ride on the neck of Fei the elephant.. An amazing raft ride on a fast stream.. I was lucky to spend a week in Pai.  I have a nice cottage in the middle of town with fast wifi.  Plenty of Thai oil massages..riding a scooter up into the highest mountain of Thailand.. A night of a circle chant next to the river.. A 4 hour school in Thai cooking and plenty of fine food… Pai has been magic to me.  Last night i was sitting in the doorway of my cabin and it started to rock.. At first i thought it was some people pushing on the wall.. When it kept going i realized what it was…my first earthquake.  I have heard it killed 40 people around here.

I did have a list of things I wanted to do before I left Pai.  Last nite i went across the street to Space Tattoo. I found a nice image of sitting Budha and had an hour of relative little pain and now i have some new art on my back.  He used bamboo and put some color in it. It seems to be healing very good. No discomfort.

So that is my update. Prepared on my samsung android phone.
Ciao all





Well, I have been using my new android phone a not my netbook, so updating my blog has been  hard. There are many things i have done in thailand since i got here. I hope to get my netbook out on the train and write it all up.  tonight a 12 hour trip to chaing mai in the north.  i am in good health and still amazed that i am here. Ciao

My time in Viet Nam


I am going to try to catch up my blog…. I am leaving for Thailand this Friday, so just a few days left here.  After going from city to city for only a week at a time since I left New Zealand, I am taking this time to take a little rest.  I did take a 3 day Mekong Delta tour which was very interesting.  It seems like a blur of bus, van, big boat, little boat rides.  I have the pictures to recall what I did on my little trip.  The trip only cost 40 bucks and I got my money’s worth.

They took us to a factory where they make art work out of sea shells and I wished I could have bought some of the nice things they had for sale, but my backpack is way too heavy now.  We were also taken to a place where they make coconut candy.  It was very interesting to see how they make it in such a primitive manner.  The candy does taste good.

We got to see a rice noodle operation and that was brilliant.  They take the rice, add some flour and water, crush it up and pour it on to hot plates.  After a few seconds they peel it off and place the noodles on bamboo to dry.  They have a machine which cuts it into strips and then they package it for sale.  The heat is generated by burning the rice shells.

We spent the night at Can Tho and the next day they took us to the floating market on the Mekong.  Boats were going up and down selling veggies and fruits to each other.  It was a massive operation, most boats were real basic and many had families living on them.  We then went to a temple on a hill, where we could look out to see Cambodia.  We spent the night in Cam Duc.  This is an area where the Kymer Rouge came into and killed many people.  There is an island in the Mekong where the Kymer people live.  They are Muslims and it was strange to see another culture living right next to the Vietnamese.

We then went to a Fish farm on the river and when they threw in the food the fish went wild and splashed us all  In the afternoon we visited a crocodile farm and I saw plenty of them… big and small.  We were fortunate to witness a pretty good fight between two large crocs.  And was lucky to have taken a video of the fight.  I posted it on youtube here

We had a long ride back to Saigon and I saw some beautiful fields of rice and wheat, corn and fruit trees. It was nice to get back to my airconditioned hotel room and my Indian eating places.

Today I took a bike to the War Remnants Museum.  They had old US military equipment outside and plenty horrific pictures of the war inside.  Some of the scenes were very disturbing.  I am sure there was a great deal of horrible acts on both sides, but the museum only showed US actions.

I did not see all of it because they closed the doors at noon and I had to leave.  My plans are to make a couple of day trips this week and get ready to visit Thailand.  I have to make some serious deletions of my stuff before I leave.  Not sure how it happened but the crap I am taking around the world will not fit into my bags anymore.  I am glad I sent the package of presents back home by air express.

So, I am healthy, staying positive and still a vegan {if you do not count the fish and shrimp I eat once in awhile}.

I will be home in 3 months.  I was so happy to see Nancy and Ronan on Skype this week.  that kid is so cute and I can not wait to hug him and Abigail and Alissa.

Ciao for now