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Goodbye Tokyo… to Kyoto

I am not a planner, I am a doer.  I enjoyed the big city but what a relief to leave.  I checked out of my hostel, left my wheeled luggage and off to Tokyo station with my knapsack. Such bad timing, I hit the subway system at rush hour on a Monday morning.  We have all seen those pictures of people being stuffed into Tokyo subways.  Well I was part of that with a knapsack on my back!!!! As I walked among the morning commuters and tried to make a turn against the tide of humanity, I was swung around several times when people hit my knapsack.


Tokyo Waterfront near fishmarket

The bus to Kyoto was 8 hours.  We went past Mt. Fuji and there was very limited open space. Just homes, apartment buildings and gigantic factories.  There are powerlines strung all over the place.  I did not see much agriculural activities.

Kyoto was a good choice; plenty of old buildings not ruined by WW2. I got to a great hostel and made some new friends.  I visited several ancient temples and walked the ancient cobblestone streets.  Food is expensive here in Japan. There is no litter and the people are very respectful and quiet.


the Golden Temple, Kyoto Japan

We visited the Temple of Pure Water and ran into some Geisha ladies. It was so strange to see them up close. My first impression was that the makeup reminded me of circus clowns..


I really do not know my next place to go, I am sure it will be fantastic.

3rd Time Around the Earth

So got back from 4 months on Cape Cod and my sister Joanne had a party to say goodbye.  My family sent me off in style….


On my last night in the USA, my sisters, my brothers and my son Jordan came over to my sister Jeannie’s to say goodbye.


Abigail and Alissa are just pure energy. They enjoyed playing with the new puppy, Cooper,  

Jeannie took me to the airport and my flight to Toronto was in a little plane which was loud and uncomfortible. The 777 flight was long, smooth and my seat mate did not want to speak so it was boring. The movies sucked and I did not sleep. 22 hrs on planes and in airports and I am in Japan.  I found the train to Ueon Station, then the Ginza line to another station. Up the stairs and 5 blocks in the rain to my hostel. It is okay but expensive.

The next morning I got up early and went for a walk. I could see the Skytrain Tower so I decided to walk towards it. It seemed close but the walk was long. I paid 2000 yen to go to the 1000 meter level.



Plenty of school kids in uniform, not many non-Japanese up there. I was really surprised that I could see Mt. Fuji from the tower, so beautiful and high…covered with snow.

So Japan is somewhat like China and Korea. People ride their bikes on the sidewalks. The buildings all seem new. Food is expensive, I did find McD’s and the coffee is good and free. Not many signs are in English so it is a challenge.  One of my room mates is an UK girl with a cold. Her name is Alissa….WOW.

I have a reservation for Monday in Kyoto, will take a bus. No big plans for Tokyo, just walking around and enjoying myself here. Very happy to be back in Asia again, my plan is to do something everyday.