A month in Europe

I flew back to the USA from Germany. My 6 1/2 month trip is over. Now time to relax and think about my trip and future plans.After a few doctor appointments I will head back to Cape Cod and stay in my caravan by the sea.

I was cold in Europe and had to drink wine to keep warm ;-)))… I enjoyed seeing the little Russian/Serbian baby in Belgrade. I took a walking tour of Belgrade.

I then went to Budapest which is a fantastic place. They have a Parliament Building which looks like Westminster. Plenty of good food there called Langos. Wine was cheap. ..I had to stay warm. I saw a Mozart opera in Budapest, the Marriage of Figaro. My next city was Vienna in Austria.  I stayed outside of the city up on a hill. The hostel is located in a place that housed the Vienna’s Boys Choir. The hostel was a little too clean and organized for my taste. The city has many beautiful palaces and I walked long distances and now I can say I have been to Vienna.

Then I went to Prague, Czech Republic and that is a beautiful place. I took another walking tour. Everybody goes to the old square to see the clock turn on the hour. .it does a little show for the tourists.  A great place for pickpockets as they all look up at the clock.

I ended up my visit to Prague seeing Madame  Butterfly…the opening line is ‘Yanks love to travel and enjoy their lives’……I know that is true. Then two nights in Frankfort and I am here in Albany, New York. Did not mean to go on like this but what a time I had.

Glad to be back home.


Prague Underground

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