My flights from Bangkok to Doha, to Ankara to Belgrade were okay and there was Marko, his wife and sister, both Maria, waiting for me at the N.Tesla Airport. Passport and Customs could not have been easier.

They drove me to Smederevo and I went to visit Valentina and Alex’s new baby boy. They are very happy new parents. Marko and Maria have a daughter who is now a year old. Ivana visited us and I have not seen her since 2008 in Wellfleet. Both ladies still have that Eastern Europe beauty and could not have been nicer to me.


The food here is fantastic and a nice change from my Asian diet. They specialize in Burek which flaky dough with cheese in it. The turkish coffee here is strong. I had home cooking thanks to Valentina and Marko’s family. So lucky to have good friends around this world.


Good Serbian Food

I got messages from Macedonia, Crotia, Slovenia and England….. my friends asking me to stop bye. But Belgrade, Hungary Vienna, the Czech Republic and Germany were on my list this time. My friend Petar was in Belgrade to apply for a USA Visa. So I said goodbye to my Smeredevo friends and Alex drove me there to a hostel near St. Marko’s Church.


St. Markos Church

I will be off to Novi Sad in a few days. And then to Budapest in Hungary.

Here is a Yugo, there are many left here.



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