Living in Saigon

Life is good!!!!

My days are easy, a nice hotel, breakfast on the roof, long walks, sitting at my favorite coffee bar watching the people on the street and downloading podcasts and movies and night time rides on the back of motorbikes. It is nice to be settled in one city without packing and catching busses.  I needed to slow down a bit.


My coffee shop

Here is a list of somethings I have done:

-Cuong took me to the Mango Garden an hour out of Saigon. It is a beautiful nature preserve with ostriches, crocodiles, lakes and a swimming pool

-Lee took me to get a hair cut, head massage, shave and an excellent ear cleaning

-we also went to a spa for a shampoo, head massage, and a face peel, this cost $2.50

-I visited many coffee bars, lemonade bars and karaoke bars. They all have young ladies who sit with you and pour ice tea for you

-I have gone fishing twice


-every day I am lucky to go through Saigon on a motorbike, most tourists never get to see all the parts of Saigon that I have seen.

My friends are keeping me busy here is this vibrant city. The month has gone so fast, next week back to Thailand..

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