Back to Vietnam

Hard to believe that I got back to Saigon for the forth time. Adi drove me to the Bali Airport but on the way it started to rain. He flagged down a taxi for me and we said a quick goodbye on the busy highway.

My 2 months in Indonesia was great. Adi, my tour guide basically stopped working for 2 months to take me to many places in Bali and Java. There is no way I would have seen so much without him.

Thank you Adi and thanks for showing me how a good Muslim lives. I hope to continue your example of generosity to the poor in my life and thanks for helping me continue my vegetarian ways in Indonesia.

Jetstar took me back to Singapore and after a 6 hour wait I landed back at Saigon. I shared a taxi with a rich UK businessman and checked into my favorite hotel. It was a long day but I still had enough energy to walk to my favorite Indian restaurant.

Both my friends, Cuong and Lee came to see me and my days in Saigon have been filled with night rides through the streets of Saigon. The experience of riding in the bike madness of Saigon is something words can not convey.

The first night Cuong and Lee took me to dinner; we rode for an hour through many parts of Saigon. The decorations for Chinese New Years were still up and Saigon was beautiful.

We then visited a coffee bar….nice to be back in Saigon.


Saigon Coffee Bar

Lee took me to Chinatown, the temples were holding festivals for this year’s first Full Moon. The crowds were amazing. Not many tourists get to see these things from the inside.

Full moon festival

Lee took me to Karaoke and I sang some Johnny Cash, Beatles and Frank Sinatra.

We also went with a group of international types to Red Scorpion Island. My third visit. It is a picnic area about an hour east of Saigon.

That night Lee took me to one of his meet ups. We went across the river to the new section of Saigon. The Cresent Mall is new and one of the nicest malls I have seen.


Crescent Mall

Lee hosted a group to practice taking pictures, we even had a model. We went up the escalators taking pictures. A strange experience but pretty normal with my luck.


Crescent Mall

Not sure what else I will do in Vietnam for the rest of the month. My first week has started off great. Will let you know.


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