Georgia Carta?

I have been here before, the first capital of Indonesia….Yogykarta. It has a funny pronunciation,sounds like George Ja Carta. Another big city but downtown is for tourists.  Nice to see some pasty white people again. There are 2 kinds of tourists. The privileged sort, they have nice clothes and take taxis and buy expensive tours, they do not eat street food.

The other kind of tourists are the scruffy ones. You wonder how did they get here and how do they exist on limited funds. They walk to get around and do not take tours.  They usually “go native” and most should have gone home years ago. They eat all kinds of questionable street food.

I guess I am in both camps. I am on a budget but have enough to enjoy my travels. I am going home in 3 1/2 months.

We took a taxi from where the bus left us off. Looked at a couple of hotels and picked a nice one with a beautiful pool.

14 months ago I visited this town. I had my act together just enough to be able to visit the old Buddhist Temple of Borobudur which is 25 miles out of town. This time I got to see much more.  We rented a motorbike and went all over the place.

I always regretted that I missed the large Hindu Temple of Prambanan outside of town. This time we went but did not go in. They charge natives $3.00 and non-natives $20.00. That to me was just not fair. So I decided not to go in. Sometimes you just have to do what is right.

We ate twice at a fish restaurant. I ate there last time I was here and it is still a great place to eat, just locals no tourists and tourist prices.

We visited the Sultan’s Palace and a nice lady was our guide. As usual’ young people always want to take a picture with me. I am a curiosity.


The Yogakarta Sultan's Palace

We got a taxi to the airport and after an hour flight, we were back in Bali. Our 3 week tour of Java was over. We got around by walking, trains,  busses,  motorbikes, boats, taxis and bike taxis. We visited 7 cities and were tired. I got a good taste of Java, now 1500 more islands to explore.

2 more weeks left in Indonesia, then I am off to Vietnam.

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