Home for a week

At JFK, we stayed on the ground for 2 hours waiting for clearance to take off to Detroit.  I was not happy with going to Detroit after the long trip from Seoul.  And then I had to walk a long way from from one gate to the other…. they do have a nice tunnel at the Detroit Airport which connects the terminals.
So my last flight of this trip was in a little corporate-type jet, on a clear night across New York State to Albany.  It was smooth and the views were incredible, I got to see many NY State cities on a brilliant night and it was a perfect way to end my trip. My sister Joanne picked me up at the airport.
When I awoke the next morning after getting home, I did not know what country I was in.  After a week I still have not got my sleeping patterns right yet. I got to see all my grandkids while I was in New York, but I really just wanted to keep travelling and I bought a ticket to Cape Cod and again…another bus.  It took all day, but I enjoyed the ride against Massachusetts
We stopped at many cities on the way to Providence, Rhode Island.  Another bus to Hyannis, then another bus to Wellfleet.  I was happy to see my trailer was still there.  And now I need to clean it up and get comfortable for the summer.  One of the first things I did was to put my Amazon hammock up and ready for a long relaxed summer (I hope).
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